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Impressum - Info radio Dracarys And Sings


Michel Nelissen
Olieslagersstraat 113, 
6044 TD, Roermond Nederland 
Tel :+31 (0)614780000
E-Mail - Michel.nelissen@me.com
E-Mail - info@ds-radio.com

Verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud van de Website
Michel Nelissen
Op Bovengenoemd Adres te bereiken

• Für in unseren TS su kommen bitten melden im unseren Chat. Für unsere sicherheit und unseren server stehn die daten nicht auf de HP.

• Voor onze TS server , meld je in onze Chat, ivm beveiliging staan deze gegevens niet op de website vermeld

• For oure Team Speak Server we asked to visit our chat first. We dont share TS data on oure website

Disclaimer. This website is accessible free of charge, Registration is not possible. so no data is stored from name address of listeners, Because registration is not possible on this website. Access to the Chat is subject to legal age at the times prescribed by law Radio Dracarys And sings: The use of the chat is Free. the account you create contains login name and password. The email you provide is not used to send messages. we will not used this mail adresses Responsible handling of the data you provide is everyone's own responsibility. You can always appeal to have your account removed from the Chat You can do this by mail to michel.nelissen@me.com inactive accounts will be delete after a period of months After removal it is not possible to replace it. you then have to register yourself Bla Bla Chat is a free Chat service. Abuse is punished with account removal. Chat history is deleted after 7 days

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